Hanna Tsepesh: Olá Argos! Thanks so much for accepting this interview and Welcome to THE GATES OF METAL! First of all: how are you since the last interview? Long time ago (laughs)…

Hello Hanna!
It's me that appreciate the space offered by The Gates of Metal again!
It is an honor!
I'm fine! Focused in the band's projects, which is at full gas working on the last details for the release of our debut album!

Hanna Tsepesh: Let’s talk more about your future album. The album have any title yet? What will be the big differences between this album and the previous one? I have to tell you I can’t wait for this new album! This new songs are kicking!!!

Yes, the title is set. Will be called "... Of Chaos and Ascension." That's not a concept album, but some songs will speak about the ascension of the main character of a tale in constant writing process by the band, which is Anne. She is a formless entity whose goal is to recreate the universe through chaos and destruction and the album name came from this history.

The difference is that the previous releases were a demo and two singles, and this is the debut album. We'll bring songs from the past recordings, with the older ones re-arranged, but the main difference is that we will bring new elements to our music. Not that I can say more about this for now, but soon, according to our current experiments, we shall announce these new elements.

Glad you liked the new songs from our latest release, the single Retaliation! This work is achieving great reviews in the media and we are extremely excited and encouraged to launch the debut. You can be sure that a lot of good things are coming, so just you wait!

Hanna Tsepesh: At the recording studio, did you guys face any difficulties? If yes, tell us which were and how did it affect the whole process? Are you guys happy about the final result?

Argos: Well, the brothers Hanged (Bass) and Niccollo (Guitar) have a studio, the "PyroZ Home Studio," which has recorded and produced many great metal bands from the Metal scene on Rio de Janeiro, (our hometown), such as Hatefulmurder, Forceps, Ágona, Hellbreath, Mistrust, and also ourselves, and we all had great reviews about the quality of the recording and production, and beside this, our other guitarist, Makiavel, also has experience with recordings. So I can say that recording process was not our greatest difficulty. I would say that the greatest difficulty and what delayed our plans, were the band members' other responsibilities, such as work, school, amongst other things, but now we are focused and ready to launch the next act in the DarkTower's history!
We're not done with the process, but rather we are very satisfied with what we have until now, and we are extremely eager to put this stuff on the streets!

Hanna Tsepesh: When it will be the release? What is your future goal for DarkTower?

Argos: Well, we intend to release our debut album later this year, but there are many procedures to be closed, we have some ongoing negotiations with labels interested in launch the work, but we need to make sure we're doing the best for the band and because this, we can't give a specific date yet.
Our intention, therefore, is to have "... Of Chaos and Ascension" on the streets by the end of the year!
Our next step after the release is to play as much as possible and touring through almost everywhere in the world, including Europe, America, and Latin America, as many other places.
Where people may want us, DarkTower shall go!

Hanna Tsepesh: Do you want to send any messages to the people who are going to read this interview?

I would like to thank all who support the DarkTower, all people who write us from all over the world, your support makes us keeping the project in activity and strong!

And I also would like to say that the album is sure to be a milestone in our work and we hope you all enjoy him, and also that the great and growing receptiveness continue as it has been with our releases!

And especially, I want to thank you Hanna and The Gates of Metal for the space and support you have given to DarkTower since 2009, when we was called for the first interview and the review for, at the time, our current release, the single Lord ov Vastlands. Thank you!

Hanna Tsepesh: you are very welcome Argos! Don’t need to thank me. Thanks to you, for your answers and time. I wish the entire band big success for the future album! Hope to see you guys very soon in Portugal…

Argos: I appreciate the votes, and look forward to the opportunity to play in Portugal and throughout all Europe! So if you are a producer and know our work and want us in your city or country, please contact us via the e-mail "contact.darktower@gmail.com"!
It will be an honor!
Hails to all!
See the rise!

By: Hanna Tsepesh

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