Hanna Tsepesh: Hello Sathonys! Thanks you so much for accepting this interview and welcome to HE GATES OF METAL! First of all, can you tell us a little bit about AGATHODAIMON history?

Sathonys: Well, the band was formed in September 1995 by our former drummer Matthias and me, and we quickly recorded 2 demos (1996 Carpe Noctem and 1997 Near Dark), which led to a record deal with Nuclear Blast. Our first album Blacken The Angel was released in 1998, and introduced our "new" vocalist Akaias as our romanian vocalist Vlad couldn't come to our country Germany for quite a while, that's why we recorded the next album Higher Art Of Rebellion in 1999 with both vocalists. But in 2000, we came to the conclusion that it's no use to have a vocalist in another country, though we did a tour with Graveworm and Siebenbürgen were Vlad accompanied us on a few dates. Chapter III was recorded in 2001 with only Akaias on vocals (since then, I contributed also some clean vocals), and then the line-up changes began. Our next album was Serpent's Embrace in 2004, and more line-up changes occured, having various reasons. It's hard to find motivated musicians in Germany, I at some time also lost my motivation and thought about breaking up the band, but with our new members, there's some positive energy again within the band, and we're looking forward to doing some shows...

Hanna Tsepesh: At the moment what are your favorite bands?

Sathonys: Well, more or less the same that I had 10 years ago. Alice In Chains, Emperor, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Samael, Master's Hammer, Thorns, even Abba or Elvis. If I have to recommend a new band, I'd name Sonic Reign from Germany, they kick ass...

Hanna Tsepesh: Any musician inspired you to start to play guitar?

Sathonys: Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost and Venom were the bands that inspired me. Maiden musically, and Venom amazed me when I first saw them as a young boy. Later came Celtic Frost, I loved their dark aura of the earlier albums (but Monotheist was a great album as well).

Hanna Tsepesh: Do you have or had any singing classes? I ask it because you have a fantastic voice, and you know how to take advantage of it! I take this chance to give you my congratulations for your work in the band!

Sathonys: You surely listened to another record I suppose, but thanks. Don't forget that we had session vocalists as well, not all clean vocals are necessarily done by me (Those session vocalists are named in the booklet) I never had real vocal lessons, but try to sing a lot, especially when I'm driving big distances in my car and can't annoy anyone, (hehe).

Hanna Tsepesh: You are very welcome (ahah)! Where AGATHODAIMON get the inspiration to compose and to write the lyrics?

Sathonys: Well, daily life, personal experiences, anything can be an influence. When it comes to lyrics, the mood plays an important role. I'm rather a pessimistic person than joyful when I'm alone, so my lyrics rather reflect darker subjects or thoughts. I couldn't stand happy lyrics anyway, that's up to pop music.

Hanna Tsepesh: I know you guys since 2000 (+/-), and in my personal opinion i think that AGATHODAIMON have a very different style and people that going to listen to your albums never get bored! The band makes great melody’s, powerfull riffs, mystery lyrics with great voice, and i really can’t wait to listen the new singer voice! I read at MySpace that you guys are working in a new album called “PHOENIX”. Can you tell us at what time will be the album release? Also, can you talk a little bit about the album theme and what the band want to accomplish with that?

Sathonys: The album will be released in march I suppose, we'll finish the vocal recordings soon and then take care of mix and mastering. The title reflects our feelings about the album- to me, it's a rebirth, as I already thought about splitting the band, as mentioned earlier. We have a new line-up now, so it's a new beginning. We arise from the ashes…

Hanna Tsepesh: How was Chris adaptation in the band? What do you think about Chris work so far?

Sathonys: He's very motivated. Too motivated at times, it's hard to stop him! He's pushing the band quite a bit, but of course we don't want to rush things. Good things take a while.

Hanna Tsepesh: What is the feeling to have NUCLEAR BLAST as your label? They support well the band?

Sathonys: Well, Nuclear Blast IS a good label, if not the best. But if you're a rather small/uncommercial band, you're having a hard time to get decent support. So we're currently thinking about another label, but it's too early to tell.

Hanna Tsepesh: Beside the music what you like to do?

Sathonys: Well, almost everything in my life is connected to music. I do work at Nuclear Blast, I write for music magazines like Metal Hammer, I'm a concert photographer etc., but in general, I enjoy photography a lot, I'll try to push my skills concerning people photography at the moment. And if I'm lazy, I enjoy a good movie or computer game.

Hanna Tsepesh: If one deaf person ask you to write and to describe AGATHODAIMON style what will be your answer? And don’t forget that the person is deaf…

Sathonys: We try to be unique to a certain point. So comparisons are always hard. There are songs or parts that might remind you of other bands at a certain time, but the album(s) in its whole usually can't be compared to another band. We have a wide spectrum of sounds, for example our new guitarist Jan has a Jazz background, so you won't get your typical black/gothic metal. The music is cold at times, but warm from within. Sometimes unearthly, sometimes like a cold autumn day at sunset. Generic at first sight, but every now and then pierced by immense rays of sunlight and breathtaking.

Hanna Tsepesh: What was your favorite concert with the band so far and why?

Sathonys: Huh... I think we one had a gig in Slovenia (or was it Slovakia, I can't remember properly), where the crowd went wild and celebrated the band as if we were Iron Maiden... but the first bigger gigs of course we especially memorable, like on our tour with Hypocrisy and Benediction, or at the Wave Gotik Treffen in a hall with 14.000 people or Wacken etc. Oh, and we played on a boat at Porto Rio when I remember right, that was also quite special. Our vocalist tried a local speciality that evening in a restaurant, chicken cooked in blood. That was rather disgusting.

Hanna Tsepesh: Last question, do you have any message that you would like to send for all AGATHODAIMON fans?

Sathonys: Thanks for the support during the last years- we hope to see you soon in Portugal!

Hanna Tsepesh: Thanks so much for all the answers and time!

By: Hanna Tsepesh

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