Hanna Tsepesh: Hi Marciano! Thank you so much for your time to give this interview! For the first question i would like you to talk a little about Canker and the band members as well (who play and who write the lyrics and make the riffs), for our readers to know you better!

Marciano: We thank you for the invitation. CANKER it’s one project that emerged in 1997, after the breakdown of EXOMORTIS. One year later I went as vocalist. On the guitar we have Spined on drums we have Mummy and as a new member on bass we have Dirty Gomez. The majority of the lyrics are written by me, about the songs each one of the members compose their part so in that way the riffs are composed by Spined.

Hanna Tsepesh: I know that your ex: bass player Phantas leave the band, what happened? How everything is working with the new one? Do you already have one?

Marciano: Phantas leave CANKER because of his personal busy life. He wanted to try other sounds and to have time and dedication for that he had to leave the band, now we have Dirty Gomez that as the right spirit to be one real Cankeriano. Great musician, great friend and what a crazy one ! (hahaha)

Hanna Tsepesh: (ahaha)! What are your bands of reference?

Marciano: Concerning to? None. I hear music in general i am one authentic “Music addicted”. I hear everything. By that this is one complicated question. But I love Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, connected projects with Mike Patton,etc,etc,etc. But as you listen our sonority don’t have nothing of this sounds.

Hanna Tsepesh: Yes indeed, don’t reflect really nothing, you guys are different! Can you talk about your inspiration to create Canker lyrics? In my opinion your lyrics are really original and I risk to say that the music also is original as well…

Marciano: I inspire in my personal life in my world that surrounds me, i can’t stay indifferent about everything that surround us.

Hanna Tsepesh: You used to call Canker Bit Jesus, right?! Why did you change the name to Canker? There’s any reason for that?

Marciano: There was one time that we wanted to change the name of the band, not to be one bad surprise for us and for those who hear us, so we decide to say goodbye to Jesus! (ahah)

Hanna Tsepesh: (ahaha) I like that one, really! Speaking about your new “Interactivist”,i should say that i spend 2 days hearing your sound because i was always beeing surprised by new elements along the songs, my sincere cumpliments to all the band members! It’s a different and original album not only because of the lyrics but the sound himself, the drums and the riffs are amazing! For those who didn’t hear you yet can you talk a little about it? What were the changes with Canker between the previous albums to this one?

Marciano: “Interactivist” it’s almost one concepcional work. Because of the simple fact that was not made by purpose. When the moment of recordings arrived I note that almost all the lyrics that I wrote had one strong political vein. In general it’s one activist album. One mixture of one kind of more direct and abstract writing. The fight was not only on the streets, it as to begin inside us. By that way each one of us as work to do. I’m making my own.

Hanna Tsepesh: In my opinion you are making it very well and i hope more bands to emerge with the same kind of thought as you! Like the others say: KIRIKIRI (ahaha)! Have you already had everything ready when you went on studio? It was easy the recording process? What were the main problems you guys face off?

Marciano: The themes yes. But the lyrics were chosen, some new ideas appear in some voice games created in the very same moment. With the conditions we had I think the album reach one level of quality that we were not expecting for. It was recorded and produced in our “headquarters” and of course the mixing by Marc Jung that already work with Dapunksportif ,Born A Lion and Monomonkey, it take “Interactivist” to another level. The main problem was without any doubt the time we took to create this work. Depending on us that will never happen again.

Hanna Tsepesh: Yes sometimes that happen but the main thing is that you can be very proud of this album the afford and the time sooner or later rewards you always! I also congratulate you for the album cover that is really creative, who had the idea? Can you also explain what do you want to transmit with this cover?

Marciano: All the artwork and layout was conceived by João Diogo. He is one friend for a long time and he as lots of talent in this area and he is also connected to alternative music what helps a lot to understand our ideas. He explain the concept of “Interactivist”,and João couldn’t do it better. The walk and path of humanity in direction to apocalypse, through wars and the consumption of technologies made by us. Without any doubt we are walking through the wrong way we create one monster similar to…Exit.

Hanna Tsepesh: Well thinking! For those who don’t know you are a band from Leiria, tell me did you had some supports during your journey in your town?

Marciano: Supports? (ahaha)! If you talk about supports it’s better not or i will stay really angry! Lol! Leiria is one misery in person, rarely support our own bands, you have to reach the national top and only this way you will have the key of the city. (ahah)! If theres one person that always support us in alternative music in Leiria including us that one Carlos Matos.

Hanna Tsepesh: I am from Leiria and sadly this is the true there’s no supports for nothing! An yes Carlos helps a lot it’s good to mention that! Speaking a little about concerts I had the chance to see you guys live in Alfa Bar, it was the first time I had knowledge about your existence ( ehehe), i liked a lot by the original way you show yourself concerning to the makeup and clothes I saw one thing that I have to ask…Why 2 microphones? There’s any reason for that?

Marciano: Yes i use 2 microphones but usually i use one effects processor that i couldn’t use that day so in one of the mics I had the clean voice and in the other one the wet voice. (ahaha) I’m kidding! In the other one i had the voice with effect but believe me that some years ago this was the only method i had to sing, 2 microphones.

Hanna Tsepesh: (ahaha) indeed it’s original! I was looking at your myspace and you already have some concert dates scheduled can you reveal us some dates and places?

Marciano: We finish playing on Beat Club may 31 and June 6 on Coimbra (Via Latina). It’s not yet confirmed but probably we will perform on S.Pedro de Moel in July and 8 of November we will be on Efeito Borboleta festival, that will take place in Tramagal.

Hanna Tsepesh: On the theme “Mirus” there’s one part that you sing in spanish and in the theme “Marcha da Morte” you totally sing in portuguese, can you talk a little about that lyric as well why you sing a little in spanish? Did you had any intention of that?

Marciano: (ahah) I’ts not spanish but i understand you, the phonetic reminds you Spanish but it’s not. There are words that I invent and they stay that way, I can’t explain to you that paranoia only I understand.

Hanna Tsepesh: really, i almost can swear that was spanish, my congratulations than! How do you define your style as well the “ Interactiivist” style? I ask this because your sound it’s hard to descrive...

Marciano: Yes it is! Personally i use to say for those who don’t know that we make alternative rock but with all the power that Metal have, it’s rock but always destroying everything! (ahaha)! The right label for us? We are open to sugestions! (ahaha)

Hanna Tsepesh: I think the ideal style is the Canker style (ahaha)! Anyone who want to acquire your album outside and here in Portugal how can people do that? I know that in Leiria it’s available in the Alquimia (edifício D. Dinis) right?!

Marciano: Yes. “Interactivist” it’s available in Alquimia. We are at this moment negotiating with one digital label to share our album on the internet as well we will have cd’s for sale in all Fnac stores. Until there anyone interested you can buy it through our myspace.

Hanna Tsepesh: What are the plans for Canker future? Are you already thinking about a new album?

Marciano: The future is today! Our objective is to promote our work a little around the country and maybe to record one EP in the end of the year. We already have new themes with lots of surprises.

Hanna Tsepesh: One last question, do you want to leave any message to your fans?
Marciano: Wake up and rise the asses from the floor! This country needs “Interactivists”! Join us! Join to INTERACTIVIST!

Hanna Tsepesh: Once again thank you for this interview! THE GATES OF METAL wish you lots of success and good luck for the upcoming concerts! Personally I wish you a very “Loko Loko” journey( ehehe), and lots of success for this amazing album! Hugs.

Marciano: In Canker name i thank once again for this opportunity granted by The Gates Of Metal to be here. Raining Blood!

By: Hanna Tsepesh