Hanna Tsepesh: Moro Khaos! Kiitos for accepting this interview! First of all tell me about Deathchain history and the band members names and what do they play , you guys formed in 1997 right?!

KHAOS: Hell-o Hanna! Well here goes...The band was formed in 1997 with the need to make some brutal deaththrash. After couple of demos and gigs the band got signed to Dynamic Arts Records. Well now the band has released 3 albums and the 4th is on the way, it carries the name "DEATH ETERNAL". The new one is on it’s way for mastering and will destroy all the ones in doubt of our energy. Band members 2008 : Khaos-vocals,Corpse-guitar,Cult-guitar,Kuolio-bass and Kassara-drums. Live we have had Antti Boman from Demilich as guest on vocals.

Hanna Tsepesh: In what do you inspire to create the lyrics?

KHAOS: Life in general I would say, but it’s a litlle tricky to describe where my inspiration comes from. cause I don’t just read books and get inspired from that, well sometimes some topic might get its fair deal of space but not that often. I rather just go deep into to the depths of my own thoughts. I know that Corpse (the otherone who writes lyrics) has lots of Lovecraft to thank for his mindgames.

Hanna Tsepesh: Also tell me about your favorite bands at the moment.

KHAOS: Down,Watain,Nasum,Nifelheim,Entombed,Neurosis,Dismember comes to mind at the moment. The basic Motörhead and Sabbath works always. It differs from day to day basically, but you get the point. Lots of heavy shit anyways.

Hanna Tsepesh: At the moment for you… what was your favorite gig with Deathchain and why?

KHAOS: It might be one gig we played with Nile and Sotajumala in Nosturi/Helsinki. The place was crazy and sold out, sound on stage was crystal clear and we all were on fire. All the gigs I’ve done with the band have been really good, gets better and better all the time. thats what we strive for anyways. just to put a 100% show!

Hanna Tsepesh: That's great!! You also have 2 more bands, The Duskfall and Deathbound right? How are the things doing with those 2 bands? You have time for all the bands that you are envolved, or sometimes is a little difficult for you?

KHAOS: The Duskfall disbanded this week due to stupid reasons, Deathbound did some songs for a split with Coldworker last weekend. should be something to look out for, for all ye vinyl freaks outthere! Deathbound has allmost all the tracks for a new album ready, just waiting for some gap with Deathchain and Rotten Sound to come so we can record the whole thing. I also work fulltime so thats the main thing that stirs up the music thing, but thats how you get food on the table. Not by playing deathmetal thats for sure, sad but true.

Hanna Tsepesh:Great news about the band and you are totally right! Is say but is true in all country's! When you have that "thing" inside you saying, that you want to start singing? You have some kind of singing classes or you just learn with time in your bands? You really have an excelent voice!

KHAOS: Frist of all thank you, but I don’t think of myself as a singer. Maybe interpreter of lyrics hahah. But singers are Bruce D and guys like that, but there is the same technique as in real singing with growls so you can call it that if you want. I think I saw Elvis on tv as a kid at that was it (hahaha), didnt turn out as him singingwise but the attitude is there (haha).

Hanna Tsepesh: (ahaha) yeah i understand! You are very welcome, don’t need to thank me is only what i really think! You join Deathchain in 2006 right? Tell me, the reasons why you did accept to come to Deathchain…

KHAOS: The only reason is/was, cause I loved the band! The best fucking death thrash metal band outthere! No more reason needed.

Hanna Tsepesh: Talking about the album "Cult Of Death", i must say to you that is one really excelent death/trash metal album with all the "ingredients"(ehehe), it is a great album! Congratulations for you and all the band!!! But for some people who don’t know your work and haven't listen the album yet, tell me a little bit about "Cult Of Death". What do you want to make in this album and say to your fans?

KHAOS: Thank you again! we wanted to get all the ingredients in that had been dwelling in our minds for so long, Corpse dug really deep into his thick skull and found a lethal dose of death thrash hell. It is a great mix between all the brutal stuff you can find these days and back to the good ol days of 1980. But I have to tell you to buy all the albums to get the point of this band, cause live we play from all the albums. On the 4th opus we have topped ourselves for sure, cliche to say or not.

Hanna Tsepesh: Once again, you are very welcome and don’t need to thank me, is the true! Deathchain must be very proud about this album! Now tell me little about the recording, when you enter on studio…did you have everything done?

KHAOS: We are of course proud of everything we’ve released so far, we might not be in 15 years looking back now we are. Yes we had everything ready, except the vocals. cause it’s easier that way, to have a clean plate to fill up. It was good to do so for that album, cause I was new in the band and so forth. But for Death Eternal we had most of the vocals and guitars demoed so we didn’t have to think about too much whats coming up next.

Hanna Tsepesh: So you have some plans for future album? If yes, can you talk a little about that?

KHAOS: Well as I told you before, we’ve allready recorded the 4th album "DEATH ETERNAL", it will be released 1st of October through Dynamic arts records. 40 minutes of pure inferno, the pre-orders will have a T-shirt with it so be fast and start ordering as it is revealed. We made a bonus cover for the vinyl release, had Tuple from mighty Tarot to sing Mercyful Fates Mad arab! Turned out great in our ears.

Hanna Tsepesh:Do you have some concerts for now? If yes can you say some dates and places?

KHAOS: Well we are set to start doing gigs for "DEATH ETERNAL" in october and that month is fully concentrated for finland, but after that we would like to travel to other contries and destroy them. So all you booking agencies out there get intouch. We are also looking for an outside finland agency cause finland is 100% as bookings goes. so get intouch!

Hanna Tsepesh: You have some plans for a future gig in Portugal? You would like to play in here?

KHAOS: Yes of course! There is no country we wouldnt want to play in!

Hanna Tsepesh: Last question, do you have anything to say to your fans in Portugal?

KHAOS: October 1st is date to be written down, as it is the coming of death eternal! Cheers you all and thank you for the great support!

Hanna Tsepesh: Thanks so much for your answers! THE GATES OF METAL wish all the best to Deathchain and also for your others projects! I hope to see you guys in Portugal very soon...

KJ. KHAOS: Thank you Hanna and sorry once again for the loong delay, we hope too to see you and have a few cold ones in your beautiful Portugal!

Hanna Tsepesh: No problem about that! Thanks.

By: Hanna Tsepesh