Hanna Tsepesh: First of all thank you so much for accepting the invitation for this interview. I would like you to tell us a little about the beging of you r carrer and about your band Cortpus Chritii for our readers to know better your work?

Corpus Christii- Corpus Christii appear in 1998, year that i decide to do what i really like, Black Metal. Until that time i was unsatisfied with the previous project, than i put my hands at work and i begin with the band, i already had this one in my head for some years ago.

Than i recruit Ignis Nox i used to work with him in Noctu and we begin to work arduous , when the demo “Anno Domini” came out things become unstopable. Until that time it was already always with inumerous launchings in k7, vinyl and cd formats.
Mutation as been a constant but always defined by the standard that inicially i expose. Corpus Christii it’s more than a vulgar band, it’s one efficient weapon against human race.

Hanna Tsepesh: Can you tell us about your musical background?

Corpus Christii: My interests for music begin at my 6 years old, my first 2 albums was“Somewhere in Time” from Iron Maiden e “Them” from King Diamond, albums that today continue to be my favourite one’s .
Since that time i always pay attention for Metal and i stayed in that field however i never put apart other musical genres , i always and i still like the 80’s pop rock and even the actual one,i think that lots of good pop rock bands come to the market in this last years.

Even when i’m composing it’s rare to hear Black Metal, i don’t like influences (indirectly), even at this moment i’m hearing Joy Division.I think that there’s no space for limitations in a musician, in lots of cases to change let the listener to realize how much they like that straight from the heart.Satanist Black Metal it’s my life and i know that i’ll keep on beeing faithfull until the end of my days.

Hanna Tsepesh: Well said! I also agree. Satan it’s a part of your influencies like an inspiration to compose (if i’m not wrong),can you explain us better what do you want to transmit?

Corpus Christii: It’s a delicate topic that i try to transmit with my songs and lyrics, i don’t like to talk about that. I give freedom for the listeners to take their own conclusions about what i want to transmit.Art it’s the right word, to give freedom to people to assimilate and to better understand but of course there are cases that i totally disagree about the vision of other people for what i do, it’s part of the job.
I like above all people to think and to stay confused, it’s from there that one person can evolve and to find the truth. This is the meaning of Satan to me, the true, the real slap in our face and in our insignificant lifes.

Hanna Tsepesh: I believe that everyone that like their work, understood perfectly what you probe to say. Lets keep on talking about influences… about bands,do you have anyone?

Corpus Christii: We all have,one band always have one background,one first influencie. I can say that for me in the begining i was really focus in Mayhem, Darkthrone, Arckanum, Vlad Tepes, a certain moment i simply follow what seems more natural, to make something creative, something different and not to be a clone of others.
Not that i think that in the begining the band was a clone, it never was, the only truth that i know is that strongly influence me, now it’s not the case. C.C as is own soul and sound.

Hanna Tsepesh: Talking a little about your album “Rising”, i was listening and i like a lot, my cumpliments in fact for me it was one of the best national albuns of this genre. For those who don’t know your work can you tell us something about it?

Corpus Christii: “Rising” it’s a complex album with a complex context that comes from 2 previous albums from the trilogy “torment”. One album that engrossed several slopes, from Doom Metal even one Avantgarde touch but clarily one Black Metal album.
Almost one hour of music with lots of variations, from slow moments to “blast beat” , from biterness to pure anger and insanity.
It’s been tolding that is not one “easy” album but even like that people with different tastes they assimilate and aprecciate, maybe opening new horizons. Now it’s up to people to hear and to have their own conclusion.

Hanna Tsepesh: The information that is coming to me about your album it was exactly that one, it’s not one” easy”album and maybe becouse of that people like it and also to stay more interested in your work. In the album recordings did you had already in mind your intentions about”Rising” or the ideias naturally appear at the same moment you were composing? And by the way why the title “Rising” for the album?

Corpus Christii: When i went on studio i had 2 songs made and some riffs , everything else was on studio. The process was very natural and sincerly i was not expecting to make it in such short time. I only had 15 hours on studio but was really constructive without any kind of stress.
Lots of things went to the garbage but everything was quicly i was recording and at the same tiem i was making something also becouse the producer (Daniel) it’s really competent and we deal well with each other. Another factor when you normally lose lots of time is with the drums but it was also quicly as well with Menthor one amazing drummer and the perfect piece for Corpus Christii.

Hanna Tsepesh: One last question…for what i read on Myspace of the band this year you are going to dedicate more in live concerts, can you tell us some dates and places for our readers to know? I also read that you will be in HELLS PLEASURE METAL FEST (Germany), right?

Corpus Christii: For the time we have already 11 concerts some of them in festivals. In Portugal we only have until now in March 29 in Corroios with Merrimack, Vorkreist and Infernal Kingdom. After that we only have Grandola Fest, June 27. However we have 2 mini tours outside in April and May. We already have more things in mind but is always complicated to mark something knowing that some of the band elements are from outside, one from France, one in Belgium nad sooner other one in London. It’s really complicated to manage all of this and of course to make things without losing money.

We know that in concerts are less people and of course that don’t help to be possible to realize something more elaborated specially in Portugal.
Hells Pleasure fest will be until the date the bigest festival that we have for this year, we will play with bands like, Melechesh, Enthroned, Denial of God, etc, it will be a good fest but i’m also anxious to play in Misanthropic Violence Fest, we already play there some years ago and it was really good.

Hanna Tsepesh: Without any doubt this are concerts not to lose! THE GATES OF METAL wish you good luck for your carer also for the national and international concerts.

By: Hanna Tsepesh