Hanna Tsepesh: Hello Anifernyen! Thank you so much for accepting this interview! I would like to know in first place some of Anifernyen's history and also about the band formation.

Luís Ferreira: We are a metal band born in the summer of 2003 in Vila Nova de Famalicão. Respecting a variety of influences of the band members an existence was created based in our differences. The band is set up actually by five members: Ricky (Voice) Luís Ferrreira and Diogo Malheiro (Guitars) Gito (Bass)and Madeiras (Drums).
About the writing of the lyrics, this one is splited between me and Ricky with the occasional participation of Daniel Lucas (Painted Black), he is a great friend and a good hand-writer. On the present E.P themes, Daniel is the author on “Lidless” lyric. I am the author of the other ones (Hectic Red, Mind Pattern, The Scarlet Winter) Dies Irae (Day of Fury) it’s one adaptation of a chant with the same name written by Thomas de celano from the 13 century.
We started initially by being one band with six elements. Later on in the summer of 2005, by personal questions the keyboard player (Veloso) left the band. Since that moment there were some alterations in the sound we used to have. And by that during two years we developed ten themes, eight of them entirely new. We decide finally to record and here we are back for concerts.

Hanna Tsepesh: What are the Anifernyed bands of reference?

Madeiras: We have several influences, since bands inside of the style we like more (black-metal) to bands that have other styles like death, trash, etc. Above all bands that have one good sound and a good ideology. We can give some examples like: Old Man´s Child, Dimmu Borgir, Ihsahn, Hecate Enthroned, Moonspell, Immortal , Emperor, At the Gates, Slayer, Carcass, Pantera, Bloodbath, Hypocrisy ... between others, giving equally great value to the national panorama.

Hanna Tsepesh: What are your inspirations when you write for Anifernyen?

Luís Ferreira: The lyrics like the band name himself, play with imaginary situations from were it’s possible to find elements fusion completely backword. It’s normal the opposition games between fire and ice, bad or good, antagonistic situations and conflictual feelings. There’s no conceptual creation in the way that the lyrics individually work. We prefer to look into each song separately like little fiction stories. In this way it’s possibly to imagine and diversify at maximum.

Hanna Tsepesh: That’s really interesting! One curiosity..How the name Anifernyen appear and what is the meaning of it?

Luís Ferreira: Anifernyen it’s one name taken from religious writings from the bretãn medieval ages referring to hell as “An Ifern Yen”. The translation for one actual language would be “The Frozen Hell”. It’s one notion of hell different from the actual one from were you receive the ancient Celtic conceptions concerned to the non-being. The name emerged from the twisted mind of Sr. Daniel Lucas and was taken because of the originality of it.

Hanna Tsepesh: Speaking about your Ep, i liked a lot your songs, for me it was one excellent surprise. During the time i was listening to your work i was discovering more details of your sound also as well Ricky’s voice that is amazing! Congratulations to all of you for the EP and for those that didn’t have the chance to hear your songs can you tell us witch is the meaning of it and were did you get inspiration to compose your songs?

Zé Diogo: Me and Luís compose the songs, not because the band as decided but because we bring the riffs from house or in the reharsal room. Basically who have the better riff will prevail, however we are open to ideas from the other members , afterwards each one gives their personal touch. I could possible say that my inspirations pass by literature, painting, philosophy or about life but no, what’s in game it’s to make good music that can gives us auditive pleasure also as well some fun (including, black stains in the crows that listen to it; (laughs).

Ricky: We try always to make better songs than the one we already have, always powerful one’s and with some mixed melody. But the inspiration has is days, above all we always try to give some of ourselves.

Zé Diogo: About the style cannot be told that there’s one defined style, we are Anifernyen and we have our own sonority. This is Metal without barriers (from the deeps of hell!!! Arrrrrg) But for those who don’t know us we are between black/death/trash, as well can appear some parts that don’t fix here.

Hanna Tsepesh: Talking about supports, there were some? It was easy the process of the EP recordings in UltraSound studio? Can you talk a little about that process?

Madeiras: In terms of supports we dind’t have none apart of the moral by friends and familiars (Zé Diogo: There’s no other way...). The recording investment was made by the band elements.

Zé Diogo: On investing we hope to have returns not only in a promotional level of our name also as well financial. In other way it’s not possible for us regulary to put in the market what we want because editing something with quality it’s not cheap.We can’t afford to be regularly in the market with new stuff because producing something with quality isn’t cheap. The UltraSound studio was our first choice because we knew that we can had a good work form there. Daniel Cardoso and Pedro Mendes (producers) know what they do they already have experience in this kind of music. We are very satisfied with our choice.

Ricky: We would like to take the chance to express our gratitude to Pedro and Daniel for their professional knowledge in what they do. As producers they are also musicians, aspect that makes the dialog much easier.

Hanna Tsepesh: We were already waiting for that answer, unfortunately it’s like that concerning to supports but to have some it’s better than nothing! Did you already had the lyrics and riffs made when you went on studio or the things were naturally appearing?

Gito: 95% of the work came already done however some changes were appearing for a detail or another. Daniel and Pedro also gave good suggestions.

Hanna Tsepesh: The theme “ Mind Pattern”, i specially liked it, it’s really powerful with great bass riffs. Gito, were did you get the inspiration to create the riffs for this theme?

Gito: I don’t call it inspiration but one secondary effect (laughs). To say the truth in that time i was a little down even now when i hear and play it i feel that shiver behind my neck, it seems that all of that is a part of this track. But like always i prefer to play more by simplicity and feeling, the two things that make me play bass. but watching at the final product not everything was bad.

Hanna Tsepesh: (laughs) that was really great! It is one excellent final product in my opinion, i congratulate you and also the rest of the band as well! What about the future of the band can you tell us something? When it will be the EP release?

Madeiras: It will be released soon, we are taking care about the design for now. About the future of the band, we are marking some dates for concerts that later on will be announced on MySpace. We also will be on the compilation in the volume 2 of Irmandade Metálica along with others national bands and later the interested one’s can have it in: .

Zé Diogo: We hope to continue growing for a long time as a band and musicians and always to make music that we like with total creative freedom. We want to play live everytime is possible with the right minimal conditions to give a good show.

Hanna Tsepesh: Wow, those are good news, we will wait! One last question,do you have already some concerts? For those who want to see you can tell us places and dates?

Luís Ferreira: At this time we don’t have nothing set there are some proposals for the summer but nothing concret so far. However for those who are reading we have lots of time and invitations are always great.

Hanna Tsepesh: THE GATES OF METAL wish lots of luck for Anifernyen, and for the EP release! We hope to continue to see you growing as a band and giving lots of concerts in Portugal and hopefully outside Portugal as well!

Anifernyen: Thank you for all the team, thank you for the interview and by the support and keep on promoting national and underground metal.

By: Hanna Tsepesh