Hanna Tsepesh: Hello Missy! Thanks so much for accepting this interview and Welcome to THE GATES OF METAL! First of all: how are you and how are the things doing with your concerts?
Missy: Things are busy. Not as many shows due to writing new material and other things going on.

Hanna Tsepesh: For those who do not know Q could tell us a little how it all started and why the band decided the band name?
Missy: The guitarist myself and the old drummer have been friends for a very long time. We have always tried to get together but didn’t connect until 2000. We all started to play and then booked a show without a name! OOOPPPS! We didn’t want to over think it and wanted it easy to spell. So the guitarist blurted out the letter Q! We laughed but then said Hey…… why not!

Hanna Tsepesh: What are your favorite bands? You have any musician that you admire the most?
Missy: I can’t speak for the others but I really don’t have a favorite band. Of the “heavy rock/metal” music, I respect Korn, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Queensryche to name a few. I tend to like many styles and many bands but much of the music played on the “main stream” radio from 1999-2007 bored me.

Hanna Tsepesh: You have another band or some future project? Or your time is only for Q?
Missy: Mostly Q. We always have our hands in something but one band is enough. We have fun and that’s all we need.

Hanna Tsepesh: I would like to know if you had or have any singing lessons or any other preparation?
Missy: Not a lot. I played trumpet, piano and bass guitar over the years. The band prior to Q I was stuck singing and playing bass. I was in the chorus in school but that’s about it.

Hanna Tsepesh: What inspired you the most to create the lyrics? The band writes the lyrics first or first the band creates the riffs to comply with the lyrics?
Missy: I write the lyrics. Life inspires me. Most of the time they are written to the music but nothing is set in stone, ever.

Hanna Tsepesh: Let’s talk about the “Seven7een” album. For people who don’t listen yet can you tell to us about this album and what the band want to accomplish?
Missy: It’s a comp of many Q tunes, new and old. We have traveled a long way, played many shows and met a lot of people. We are not trying to prove a thing but the love of the moment.
We want to accomplish writing something we like. That’s it. I enjoy when people like and sing along but we write for the band and then welcome everyone to join in. Things have changed so much in 10 years that all you can do is stay true to who you are. There is no magic tour bus.

Hanna Tsepesh: Everything went well at recording studio? The band feels pride with the final result or in your opinion is something that you like to change?
Missy: We love to record. You can really dig in and isolate every bit and piece. You really know how good or terrible you are from that! With most bands, I believe we all want to change things at a later date.

Hanna Tsepesh: How has the response been to the album by the fans and media?
Missy: So far so good. I think the tunes are broad and you can find something on the album you will like. People that come to a live show always sing along, which is always a good thing.

Hanna Tsepesh: If one of our readers wants to buy your album safely, what they can do?
Missy: Go to Rat Pak Records, Thisisq.com, FYE, Bullmoose Records and more. You can access all locations via the Rat Pak Records MySpace/website.

Hanna Tsepesh: what is your favorite music in this album and why?
Missy: I don’t have one. Each tune is different to me. It really depends on the mood and so on. I know it sounds passive but they all have a meaning and I can’t get stuck to one mood all the time.

Hanna Tsepesh: It is easy to get some support?
Missy: probably not. That is short and sweet but true.

Hanna Tsepesh: What is your big advice for a young musician?
Missy: Don’t Try, just DO! Be you not who is now.

Hanna Tsepesh: Do you want to send any message for the people who going to read this interview?
Missy: I hope you like our music. We enjoy playing live and that you still keep original music alive. We need more open minds like you!

Hanna Tsepesh: Thanks o much for your answers and time. THE GATES OF METAL wishes the entire band a big success! Hope to see you guys very soon in here…
Missy: Same to you. We hope the best for everyone. We look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Hanna Tsepesh: Thank you Missy! All the best...

By: Hanna Tsepesh
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