Hanna Tsepesh: Hello Fábio!Thank you accepting this interview! I would like you to tell us a little about how everything started with A Peacefull Chaos as well with the rest of the members.

Fábio: Hi! The band started during July, August 2006 with 2 brothers, guitar players and co-founders of the band, Paulo e Guido Matos. At that time they were looking for elements to play in the band and by that to work together the few ideias they had, it was than when i appear when Guido saw my annoucement on the internet were i offer as a vocalist for a metal band. Later i join Helder in the band ex drummer of Sideffects and Ricardo on Bass and by that the band began. Later during the composition of the the first themes the guitarrist and co-founder of the band Guido was forced to leave the band becouse of health reasons and by that we keep on with the rest of the members. In July 2007 it was than when we give our first concert in Amadora, it was really good and starting there we appear to the crowd like A Peaceful Chaos. We had another element (ex:Cold Weapon – Ricardo) that replace Guido on guitar during one month but than becouse of personal reasons he leave the band and we stay 4 members again. We can say that our fate is really strange concerning to guitars side in our band... (eheheh). The songs i can say that i use to help on the guitar riffs along with Paulo but he is the one who compose all the songs. Paulo practise at home and than with some of my ideias we develope them on rehearsals. I write the lyrics and the voice as well on the songs.

Hanna Tsepesh: What is your musical background?

Fábio: well, i listen almost everything inside of death-metal, metalcore, grindcore, i will not lie when i say that my influencies are based in Chimaira, Suicide Silence, Slipknot and some other bands. But this are the one’s who inspire me more maybe becouse i identify me more with this bands.

Hanna Tsepesh: In what do you inspire to write A peaceful Chaos lyrics?

Fábio: humm...i usually discharge what i feel everything that surrounds me what i see and what don’t make me feel ok, i write until i feel good with myself. Normally i write lyrics of hate becosue unfortunally the word “Hate” follow us everyday but my lyrics they have some kind of a freedom in don’t write death messages words that can leave people to suicide, i write what i feel in one way that i can releast myself and deal with problems showing to all my message that we are better that lots of things that torment our lifes.

Hanna Tsepesh:That’s really cool, i like you answer and unleast you make something productive with your “hate (ehehe)there are others that can’t say the same (ahaha)! Some of the riffs were made by you for the Ep, tell me in what do you inspire when you are composing?

Fábio: Well...i try to give ideias to Paulo for the guitar i was also a guitarrist and when i have some ideia inspired on the music i hear i show to him and starting there he can develop more the ideias and to compose one song. The “Silent Warning” for instance the inicial “riff” it’s my ideia inspired on “doom-core” or ”sludge” some portuguese bands recently appear and they use this musical style some bands like, “Concealment” , “Sideffects”... it’s one style that i identify myself for beeing one dirt and agressive sound and at the same time something new on the present days...in my opinion of course.

Hanna Tsepesh: I should say that i liked a lot those same songs, it’s different from what i usually listen to as well you are a young band that bring good things and i dare to say inovators as well becouse you mixture several elements and without any doubt one Ep to listen! Continuing talking about your first time "The Rebirth Of Our Misery" that is available for download on myspace i liked a lot and my sincere cumpliments to all of you and by the way congratulations for you r voice that is even better! For those who haven’t listen to it can you talk a little about the Ep thematic?

Fábio: For those who haven’t listen to it this Ep brings something new to the National Metal, this is something that i can say without any doubts that when we decide to record it we chose the best one’s to introduce ourselfs to the crowd, this Ep as different sounds we have heavt tracks and other one’s more melodic by this way showing a little what A Peaceful Chaos can do. For the one’s that will hear it you will understand that this work gives the feeling that something even bigger will come.

Hanna Tsepesh: I believe so as well i believe that for those who will listen your Ep will understand that! Who was the studio recordings for this Ep?

Fábio: Well the recordings were not made on a studio, the guitarrist Paulo intruduce ourselfs to one person that said to us that he could record and produce this Ep using only the available material in Paulo’s home. We use one mixer one microphone one computer one guitar amplifier and one electric bass and for the recordings the drum was produced by computer and later with everyhting masterized we record the voice as well the final arrangments and it was like this that we record our Ep.

Hanna Tsepesh: Even not beeing recored on studio the sound is really good my congratulations for the good sound! “ In The Night I will Climb” it’s totally instrumental can you tell us why you decide not to put the voice on it? If i’m not mistaken this is not so usual unless when the intro appear but in this case this is your last song and i think that is really interesting!

Fábio: That track was one ideia that we decide to put on this Ep thinking that we can give something with more feeling, one song without voice by herself can perfectly share a lot. That track in the end of thsi Ep is like one thunderstorm and the reborning of something...I decided that this song for herself was really good to stay without voice and it’s also the Ep longest song, in the way i see and the rest of the band it’s not bad at all and it’s good that you thought that interesting to.

Hanna Tsepesh: How do you define your style?

Fábio: I was already waiting for that question... (ahaha). Well our style can pass through everyhting and the main thing that i try is that paulo work more on the guitars it’s the“Sludge” we identify more with and like i said before we have everything since “Death-metal” to “Trash-metal” , so i can’t stay here to tag ourselfs i will let the fans to decide that and to call whatever they want, i say that we are originals in what we do.

Hanna Tsepesh: (ahaha) i thought it was interesting to ask for our readers to have a little taste from what they can find on this Ep as well on a future Ep or album, for me you are completly originals as i said before! What about supports did you guys have any? I was looking your myspace and you are searching for one label, how it’s everything running? Some label do far?

Fábio: Well!!!(ahaha), about that the only support we have it’s from fans and family about the rest we haven’t find any label but we are opne to sugestions for the labels who want to work with us.

Hanna Tsepesh: I beleive that soon one label will be interested in you guys even if it’ is one label from the! I also saw tha toy have 2 dates scheduled to perform in Spain, that’s really good to start with how was the development of that? Can you tell us some dates and places were you are going to perform?

Fábio: Well…(ahah), those dates are not confirmed yet they come out from one conversation with one spanish band “Noctem” , the band of “death/black-metal” that invite us to play in spain in one place yet to be confirmed, simply to have the oportunity for them to play here in portugal to. And like that we have some dates with them here and in spain, about portugal we are going to perform in Braga, Porto, Beja, Lisboa and we have some dates to be confirmed soon in Algarve and for further informations simply check our myspace.

Hanna Tsepesh: The message is delivered than! After your tour of the Ep promotion are you thinking about any album?

Fábio: Exactly!! When the Ep tour end we are going to give some concerts until the end of the year and we will begin to record one album and how don’t know exactly how the rest of the members want to deal with this but maybe we will record one Ep before the Album maybe in the middle of the year and in that work we pretend already to have one label in mind for our work to be edited. So between the end of this year and starting 2009 we will be recording one album i hope so.

Hanna Tsepesh:Good news than will be waiting for your album! I know as well that you are starting other project, can you talk about that?

Fábio: Of course! I’m starting with a new project with some old friends more in “death/Trash-metal” style, in were i will participate as Guitarrist/Vocalist, we are not in rehearsing so far so i can’t say nothing special about it but i guarantee that will be something really cool becosue we are bringing back that old“death/trash-metal” but with something different.

Hanna Tsepesh: Hum very interesting, good luck! One last question, what are your future projects for A Peaceful Chaos?

Fábio: A Peaceful Chaos will now enter on tour with Cronaxia for the Ep promotion next we will try to pass through the festivals and summer concerts, we are going to record one video clip soon for the Ep promotionand we hope to record the album in the end of this year to send ourselfs to the lions and for us to try our luck. The future don’t depend on us but we will give one little help for things to develop well.

Hanna Tsepesh: THE GATES OF METAL wish you lots of success for the Ep and good luck for your future concerts and continue proclaiming the National Metal inside and outside frontiers! One big hail for you and for the rest of the members of A Peaceful Chaos!

Fábio: Your welcome!,kiss for you and thank you, that THE GATES OF METAL become something even bigger than already is and keep on supporting underground bands.See you soon!

By: Hanna Tsepesh